Year 10

10P Tutor – Miss C Perry
10S Tutors – Mrs J Lee/Mrs R Wilsher 
10T Tutor – Mrs I Wild
10Y Tutor – Mr R Britton

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Year 10 Work Experience

All Year 10 students are required to undertake a week of Work Experience.  Work Experience forms an integral part of the Year 10 Careers and Work Related Learning programme.  It does much to increase motivation and helps students to link theory to practice.  It also enables students to learn a multitude of key skills in a real, rather than simulated context, and to gather information and knowledge that can contribute to their personal development.

We intend to use the Work Experience placement as an important learning exercise in preparing students for progression from school to further education, training or work.  We very much welcome your support and help!

We ask students to find their own placements with the help and support of family, friends and school.  This in itself provides a valuable learning experience and strengthens the partnerships between students and the community.

Every placement must be approved by Education Business Partnership South West, acting on behalf of St Katherine’s School, before any student can attend that workplace. This is a legal requirement and recognises insurance, and health and safety arrangements.

We believe that Work Experience is a vital part of a child’s education and we wish to ensure that every student receives a rewarding experience.  If any student would like any assistance with finding a placement or you have any queries about the scheme, please contact school reception on 01275 373737 or email