Pankhurst House news

Pankhurst House - 2018/19 Term 4 news

It's been a really busy and pleasing term for Pankhurst. One of the things we pride ourselves on as a House is having high standards. The ratio of praise to negative points awarded on class charts is a good indication of the standards we are setting and is a major focus for the House.

Therefore I was delighted to be able to reward 8P1, 9P and 10P this week for having the best praise to negative ratio of all the tutor groups in their respective years during Term 4.

We may not be leading the overall House competition but when it comes to the ratio of praises to negatives over the course of this academic year we are leading the other House by 1%. This 'competition within the competition' is one that we are determined to win so we will have to work hard to maintain and improve the standards we have set for ourselves!

We were proud of our Year 9 boys and Year 8 girls who won the Spring House Sports competition and celebrated their success in assembly this week. Special mention should go to our Year 11 students who rightly won tutor group of the term this term for their perseverance and positive attitude in the face of adversity (they have been without a regular form tutor since January)

Some individual Pankhurst students are also worthy of recognition this term: India Sydenham for her participation in the North Somerset Dance Festival and for her choreography of the dance performed at the 'Zackfest' event in school this term; Amelia Wilson, Jonasz Malcolm, Alfie Steadman, George Burley, Daisy Medder, Lyra Savy, Charlotte Stokes and Zara Mace all represented the school in an environmental competition.

Jess Pratt (9P) won our 'GoodFooter' of the term award for her positive attitude to work and self improvement. She has shown a real maturity and desire to succeed - well done!

Finally we are delighted to welcome the year 7's formally into the House in Term 5. They've made excellent progress over Term 4 and finished the term with the joint highest praise to negative ratio of the final week which earned them the tutor group of the week award. Their challenge now is to maintain that.

Mr Murdoch
Head of Pankhurst House