Pankhurst House news

Pankhurst House - 2018/19 Term 6 news

Overall it's been a mixed year for Pankhurst. We are disappointed to finish fourth in the House cup competition but nonetheless have much to celebrate.

At the time of writing we have the top five individual praise point totals in the school: Kaiya Greenwood (917), Josh Murphy (849), Toby Rice (846), Charlie Jones (838) and Yasar Issa, (810). These scores represent an excellent individual achievement and Pankhurst House is proud to have these students as members.

Equally impressive are the six students who went through the academic year without gaining a single negative point for the House: Polly Allan, Harry Hodson, Judit Molner, Liam Osborne, Natasha Palmer Woods and Jess Sharpe give yourselves a round of applause, this is no mean feat.

Also worthy of mention are the eight students who achieved 100% attendance across the school year: Matthew Brennan, Isabel Bromfield, Lily Carradine, Hetty Cleaver, Finley Green, George Petrie, Issy Prime and Noah Sakalas. As we know attendance at school is vital in ensuring students achieve to their full potential and these students are to be commended on their resilience. 

Sports Week saw some notable Pankhurst victories: Isaac Adebo won the Year 9 boys 100 & 200m for; Tyrese Bracey won the Year 10 boys 100m race setting a new school record; Matt Brennan was victorious in the Year 8 Javelin; Jemima German won the Year 8 girls 200m and as our first victory of the day was rightly mobbed by an exuberant Pankhurst crowd; Megan Hart-Jones won both the Year 8 girls long jump and javelin; Elian Jakubaite helped an excellent effort by the Year 9 girls by winning the 200m; Judit Molner is the year 10 girls 1500m champion; Ariel Rugman distinguished himself by winning the Year 9 boys discus; and was joined by Ollie Stratton who won the year 9 boys shot putt; Mohamad Warsame excelled in his victory in the Year 8 boys 1500m; and Chloe Weaden should be proud of winning the Year 9 girls discus event.

The most striking thing about sports day for me was the excellent levels of support the Pankhurst competitors got whether they won or lost. There was genuine passion and pride shown by the House in support of their members and this is heartening.

Our charity week went well and a special mention should go to our lead students and charity reps for organising the events. Through their efforts the House managed to raise over £300 for 'Off The Record' and the 'International Women's fund'. 

Looking forward to next year our aim as a House is to improve our position in the House competition. We have established three key values as a House - Passion, Perseverance and Pride - and will have to draw on these qualities as we seek to improve. Our motto is 'deeds not words' and our task is to decide what we need to do differently and then put that into action.

I'm looking forward to meeting with the Pankhurst Student council and Lead Students at the start of the next academic year to set our priorities for the coming year. In the mean time we would like to congratulate Turing House on their victory in the House Competition and we would like to wish everyone a peaceful and relaxing summer break.

Mr Murdoch, Head of Pankhurst House