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Stephenson House - 2018/19 Term 4 update

Wow!  Where has this term gone?!  It’s been action-packed with Stephenson students immersing themselves in lots of events.  It has been great to see so many young people representing their house.  We have just had our term 4 House Celebration Assembly where we recognised student achievements for attendance, high praises and behaviour ratios, termly golden eagles and tutor group awards:

Golden Eagles Term 4


Tutor Group

Abi Lebo


Coby Barbosa-Goa


Cruz Mead


Avalon Calvo Moore


Ian Issac


Pearl Westerberg


Ben Bohin


Jack Thoburn


Mursal Sharif


Jessica Atkinson


Josh Songer


Emily Drohan


Zak Mohamood


Morgan Bebb


Attendance awards

100% attendance term 1-4

  • Joseph Williams 9S
  • Charlie Bulmer 11S1

100% attendance term 4

  • Francine Alford 7S1
  • Chloe Iles 9S

97-99% attendance term 1-4

  • Ian Isaac 8S
  • Angel Chinn 7S2

97-99% term 4

  • Anaia Wokoh 8S
  • Megan Brackstones 7S2
  • Muhsin Hassan 9S

Tutor group of the term

  • 7S1- 93% behaviour ratio- best in school
  • 11S2- 93% behaviour ratio 2nd best in school

A special mention goes to Felix Mcgovern in 11S2 who has had 100% attendance since the start of Year 7.   This is a phenomenal achievement and he should rightly be proud of this. I have promised him a free Year 11 prom ticket if he manages it for all his time here at St Katherine’s!

I am also introducing two new reward events for Stephenson House students.  The first is a termly reward for an aspect of school life agreed with the students. This term it is for 100% attendance during the term - 100 lucky recipients will enjoy cookies and hot chocolate in The Leaf. The second event is a brand new House Celebration evening which replaces best of the best and the celebration of achievement assemblies. The evening will celebrate the hard work of students across school life.  Students nominated for an award will be receive an invitation in the post this week.

Stephenson has had some great sporting success this term putting us at the top of the house sport competition.  Particular mentions must go to;

  • 1st in Boccia for Year 7-9
  • 1st in girls Hockey for Year 7 and Year 9.
  • 2nd in the boys Year 7 football
  • 2nd in the boys Year 9 football.

It has been particularly pleasing to see so many Stephenson students participating in House sport.  

Fun Fix Friday events have been great fun too - a special mention to Mr Fey and Mr Arden who won the paper tower building contest!!!   

The overall House competition is fiercely contested and it is great news that Stephenson has now drawn level with Yousafzai after them being in the lead for so long. Just two more terms to go, Turing and Pankhurst are closing in, it’s all to play for!

Finally I would like to wish you all a happy Easter, I hope that you have a restful break with your families.

Mr Thomas, Head of Stephenson House