Turing House news


We are now at the end of Term 5 and what busy term it has been!

 The sustained effort by all house members in the array of different achievements is really quite remarkable. I would like to thank every single Turing House student for their enthusiasm and determination.

It is always crucial for me to remind you all, that I am supported in so many ways by the brilliant Tutor Team and House Leader, Amelia Scott.

Turing House students have had a very busy term, particularly at the top end.  The GCSE examinations are underway and I would like to remind all of those taking exams, to focus on their strengths and to remain as calm as possible in this important time. I am sure they will all be rewarded for their efforts and the sacrifices they have made to prepare for their exams.

We recognised the incredible achievements of Turing students at the House Celebration Evening this term.   It was a pleasure to welcome the award winners and their parents/carers to a fantastic evening which also included performances from two talented Turing students -. Edith Powell and Willow Estcourt  

On the evening, each Year Group had a winner, from these an overall subject/award winner was selected for each category

English Award, Overall  Winner: Courtney Dun

Yr 7 Hannah Lange

Yr 8 Tracie-Ann Francis

Yr 9 Harrison Roberts

Yr 10 Courtney Dun

Yr 11 Abbie Ring

Maths Award, Overall  Winner: Patrik Miles

Yr 7 Patrik Miles

Yr 8 Balint Fekete

Yr 9 Farida Awil

Yr 10 Edith Powell

Yr 11 Anna Pope

Science Award, Overall  Winner: Alexander Bennett

Yr 7 Michael Sirrell

Yr 8 Balint Fekete

Yr 9 Jessica Stanley

Yr 10 Fatima Bhatti

Yr 11 Alexander Bennett


PE Award, Overall  Winner: Isobel Taylor

Yr 7 Jake Packhaml

Yr 8 Kanye Christie

Yr 9 Isobel Taylor

Yr 10 Jazper Peaceyi

Yr 11 Lucie Robertshaw


Humanities Award, Overall  Winner: Liliana Schirru

Yr 7 Hope Roberts

Yr 8 Adam Britton

Yr 9 Farida Awil

Yr 10 Daniel O’Connor

Yr 11 Liliana Schirru


D.A.T. Award, Overall  Winner: Annika Rugman

Yr 7 Will Young

Yr 8 Matthew Parsons

Yr 9 Jessica Stanley

Yr 10 Annika Rugman

Yr 11 Olivia Richards


M.F.L. Award, Overall  Winner: Hope Roberts

Yr 7 Hope Roberts

Yr 8 Yusra Ahmed

Yr 9 Nana Gyimah-Sarpong

Yr 10 Courtney Dun

Yr 11 Logan West

Performing Arts  Award, Overall Winner: Hope Roberts

Yr 7 Hope Roberts

Yr 8 Madia Mohamed

Yr 9 Harrison Roberts

Yr 10 Edith Powell

Yr 11 Lucie Robertshaw

Business and Computing Award, Overall  Winner: Mason Jones

Yr 7 Owen Moss

Yr 8 Taci-Ann Francis

Yr 9 Morgan Dun

Yr 10 Mason Jones

Yr 11 Alexander Bennett


Tutee of the Year Award

7T1 Hope Roberts

7T2 Jake Packham

8T Maida Mohamed

9T1 Harrison roberts

9T2 William Parsons

10T Edith Powell

11T Alexander Bennett


House Community Award, Overall Winner: Hannah Lange


Nas Gyimah-sarapong

Amelia Scott

Hannah Lange


Head of House Award, Overall Winner: Isobel Taylor


Isobel Taylor

Amelia Scott

Will Parsons


Steve Welsh Award Winner: Balint Fekete

There have been other notable successes by Turing students who  have represented the core values of Turing in every respect, I am really proud of their achievements.

The Inter-House competition is once again a very close run affair. Turing is currently in  third place on 344 points, not far behind the joint leading houses.

The latest Fun Fix Friday competition was a mini “Guiness Book of Records” and I was so proud when Turing came out in first place.  Well done to all of those participants and supporters.

The Accelerated Reader Competition saw Patrik Miles as a  very worthy “Word Millionaire”. In Year 7 and 8 the top Accelerated Reading Quizzers were:- Lucy Holloway, Nahla Mengoud, Jake Packham, Patrik Miles, Hollie Andrews, Maida Mohamed, Nicole Conbeer.nOur Top Accelerated Reader points earners in Year 7 and 8 were:- Phoebe Oakman, Patrik Miles, Emily Earle, Hannah Lange, Amritveer Gill, Nicole Conbeer, Maida Mohamed

Congratulations to all Turing students with 100% attendance this term putting Turing in second place for attendance.  This has been boosted by 101 Turing students improving their attendance for three weeks or more this term. This is really encouraging news. Congratulations to Joseph McLoughlin and Eleanor Hall who both received Amazon vouchers for their outstanding attendance records.

Once again Turing have come out on top in the 95% Behaviour Ratio statistics. A total of 90 students across Years 7 to 11 have exceeded this target, well done to each and every one of you. Lets see if even more students can join them in the final term of school. It is a very clear indicator of students commitment to learning.

As always, I would like to recognise the achievements of the Magnificent Termly Turing students. These students have once again consistently demonstrated one or more of the core values of Turing (Unity, Acceptance and Determination) and sustained this over the whole of Term 5. Their attitude and behaviour are an example to all students at St Katherine’s. Congratulations to the below on this fine achievement:



Tutor Group

Magnificent Turings


Lucy Holloway

Hector Mackenzie- Andrieux


Jack Heptinstall

Phoebe Oakman


Balint Fekete

Ruwada Dahil


Abdi Culusow

Courtney Hawkes


Deya Reynolds

Jess Stanley


Jaz Peacey

Courtney Dun


I hope that everyone has a well-earned break over the May Half Term holiday and returns to school with fresh enthusiasm and energy for the challenges of Term 6

Mrs Hannah Price

Head of Turing House