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Turing House - Term 6 2018/19 news

What a final term we have had at St Katherine’s and especially Turing House. The examination season has seen the Y11 students make that final push in revision and application of their knowledge in exam conditions.

The flip side to the strain and stress of the exam period is the Y11 Celebration Day and Prom. It was lovely to share the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment of the Y11 Turing House Students. With all of the girls looking so elegant and the boys dapper, it was a wonderful occasion. Their friendship, behaviour and conduct at both events was a credit to them and Turing House. I hope that they all achieve the success that they deserve as the results day approaches at the end of the summer.

It is now up to the current Year 10 to take up the mantle and continue in to Y11 in the same positive way that our leavers have displayed. The first steps have already been taken in this process with the mock exams. This was an ideal opportunity to gain experience, improve on exam techniques and identify gaps in knowledge. Turing house are very proud in the way they conducted themselves and stepped up to the challenge.

Following the massive success of the Celebration Evening, the focus in this term has moved to Sports Day and the overall Inter-House Competition. It has been fantastic to witness the incredible effort made by Turing House students in all areas of school life. Commitment to study, maintaining good attendance levels, teamwork and commitment in all aspects of House activity. There is a real sense of belonging and support of each other.

Once again I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the amazing Tutor Team who work tirelessly to support all of the members of Turing House and House. We had a particularly successful Y6 two-day Induction Program where we welcomed the new members of Turing House. I hope they all enjoyed their experience and look forward to formally welcoming them all into Turing and sharing with them our values and culture in September.

This final term is also the opportunity for Turing Students to experience the extra-curricular delights of Activities Week. Some Y7 have also been able to experience the delights of Paris (whilst practising their French) and Y9 (their Spanish) whilst on the Barcelona trip.

It is also important (and customary) to share with you the other significant successes of Turing students. Once again students have represented the core values of Turing in every respect and I am really proud of their achievements.

Top 10 Turing Students with the highest praise points:

Magnificent Termly Turings:


Tutor Group

Magnificent Turings


Patrik Miles and Emily Earle


Maddie Thomas and Owen Moss


Ruby Walsh and Taygan Smith


Isobel Taylor and Nana Giymah-Sarpong


Max Stevens and Natalie Stringer


Amelya Hobbs and Michael Schlaepfer

I would now like to turn my attention to Sports day. It is really important to emphasise that ALL of those who participated, did so in true sporting fashion, upholding all of the values that I hold very close to my heart. It was very rewarding to see. Irrespective of finishing positions in events, every Turing competitor gave of their best and was brilliantly supported by other house members. The outstanding performance of the day was Jazper Peacey setting a double school record in the 800m and 1500m - a great display of middle distance running on the big school stage! Despite the massive effort highlighted below, Turing House came second in Sports Day by 1 single point. But considering Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 all have great sporting strength next year should be another stellar sporting super show!!

I have summarised the key points from sports day:

  • Turing took 46 points (more than any other house) from Summer House sport with 7 boys, 7 girls, 8 boys and 10 girls winning their events
  • Turing took 24 points (more than any other house) from Superstars with 8 boys, 9 girls, 10 boys and 10 girls pairs winning
  • Jake Packham, Kanye Christie, Jaz Peacey, Isobel Taylor all crowned individual Superstars.
  • Turing took 75 points (more than any other house) from Sports Day competitions with 7 girls, 9 boys, 9 girls, 10 boys all winning their individual year group and gender competitions

I would like to conclude my news-letter with special mention of Turing House members outstanding performance in both the Inter-House Sports Cup and overall Inter-House competition.

It is with great pleasure and elation that I inform you that Turing are the first ever CHAMPIONS of the Inter-House Sports Cup, as Head of House, this is just THE best news.

This achievement comes from Turing students' achievements right across the board - from  attendance/ behaviour to TT Rocks Stars, Accelerative Reading,  Science, FunFixFridays and House Sport. I am so proud of every member of Turing. This achievement is a true reflection of every house members’ sustained effort and commitment towards each other, Turing House and St Katherine’s School.

I hope you all have a well-earned and relaxing summer break. I can’t wait to see you all again in September.

Mrs Price, Head of Turing House

House Moto - "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

House Values - Acceptance, Determination and Unity