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Yousafzai House - 2018/19 Term 4 news

Yet again, another term has gone by so quickly and it’s been a busy one! As a house we had lots to celebrate together in this term’s celebration of achievement assembly this week.

We are very proud as a house of our attendance. So many of our young people in Yousafzai make the right choice to come into school every day and this has such a positive impact on their progress. There are many students with 100% attendance since September - a big well done to you! Lewis Cole was singled out as improving his attendance significantly throughout the course of the year.

We have also celebrated an improvement to behaviour within the house. 9Y won the best tutor group with the best behaviour ratio. Special mention goes to three students from 8Y2 - Jacob Duncan, Jamie Fielden and Jamie Packham - who were recognised for massively improving their behaviour this term, they have improved their ratio by almost 30%!

This term our Malala’s Greats - two students from each tutor group who have had an outstanding term - are:

Tutor Group

Malala’s Greats


Sophie De Wet and Oliver Songer


Lewis Furlong and Sadie Harvey


Megan De Wet and Zain Muhammed


Jenson Reeve and Leah Rudolf


Ruffin Bunkete and Molly Jackson


Thomas Williams and George Hayward

We really enjoyed the Zakhele visit and it was an absolute joy to see so many Yousafzai students take part in the ZakFest event. There were dancers, singers and musicians who did a fantastic job showcasing their talent. James Wamulo and Kenny Newbury took part in the winning Avon team at the South West Indoor Athletics Championships The go to the UK Finals in Manchester next term, this is a fantastic achievement and we wish them all  the best! Four Year 8s have become accelerated reader millionaires - Eugene Lietzau, Edie Church, Elyssia Douglas and Ellie-Mai Hebert - meaning they have each read over a million words this year!

We have struggled a bit more in house sport this term but look forward to the next set of house sport and sports day as well! Yousafzai students also did a fantastic job in the most recent Fun Fix Friday competition of Human Hungry Hippos!

As this term draws to a close, we realise that the Year 11s will be preoccupied with GCSEs  next term and will soon be leaving our house. I am so thankful to have been their Head of House, they are a fantastic group of students and I look forward to seeing them excel over the next few months. As they enter a busy time myself and Mrs Ivey will be there supporting them each step of the way!

As Year 11 begin their next steps we look forward to 7Y who officially join Yousafzai House after Easter!

Thank you to all the parents/carers of Yousafzai House and for your support over the last term. I hope all Yousafzai students have a good and restful break and return ready for Term 5 to continue to achieve great things!

Miss Andrews, Head of Yousafzai House