Computing & Business Studies

The Faculty

Mr M Bates Head of Computing and Business Faculty
Mrs H Shephard Teacher of Computer Science and Business Studies

We study Computing because we have grown up in a world where technology is evolving rapidly, creating new subject areas to explore and changing the way people work in every area from medicine and fashion to engineering and economics. Computing allows us to develop project management skills alongside learning how technology works and how it has shaped our lives and our future.

We study Business because it helps to develop many important skills, such as numeracy, literacy, problem solving, information collecting, as well as analytical, evaluative and social skills. You will have the right to vote within a few years time; social and environmental issues already affect you, as does the government’s provision of services. Thus, in dealing with these issues, Business is a hugely important, relevant and useful course to study. 

KS3 Curriculum

Students receive one lesson a fortnight of discrete Computer Science in years 7 and 8 and two lessons a fortnight in year 9. During KS3 students follow a programme of study which focuses on the following streams of learning:

  • Year 7 - Students will learn about file management, how to use a range of Office documents effectively, internet research, internet safety and Scratch coding.
  • Year 8 - Students will learn about computer networks, HTML as a coding language and undertake a business aligned project using ICT to promote a brand.
  • Year 9 - Students will learn about algorithms, programing in Python, cyber crime and security and a business related project on using spreadsheets to develop business finance.

KS4 Curriculum

Computer Science - At St Katherine's we study OCR GCSE Computer Science 9-1 which covers a wide range of topic areas focused upon computer systems, computational thinking, algorithms and programming. Students will be assessed in Year 11 through two examinations of 1.5 hours and will be given the opportunity to study an extended practical programming challenge to test and develop their programming abilities. 

Business Studies - At St Katherine's we study OCR Cambridge National Enterprise and Marketing which is a GCSE equivalent qualification. Studying this course develops a wide range of skills for students to prepare them for further study in business or in other subject areas. Students will develop and design a robust business proposal and then market and pitch that business proposal as part of their coursework element, which comprises of 50% of their overall assessed grade. The other 50% of the assessment is a formal examination of 1.5 hours, which tests the skills and knowledge students have developed over the course. 

KS5 Curriculum

At St Katherine's we are able to offer Business students the opportunity to study BTEC Business at the Extended Certificate (1 A level equivalent) or at Diploma (2 A level equivalent). Employers value employees who have this BTEC qualification in Business. It will provide opportunities for you as a learner to develop your skill, knowledge and understanding of a wide range of business functions that help you contribute to the success of any company that employs you in the future.

Level 3 Extended Certificate

Within the Extended Certificate qualification you will study a range of business areas in the form of four modules which are intended to provide students with a broad knowledge of the business environment. These are a combination of internally assessed and externally examined units that provide a strong foundation from which to build upon for further study or as a platform for any Post 18 destination. 

Students will study the following units as part of the BTEC Extended Certificate: 

Unit Name Assessment Credits Core/Optional
1 Exploring Business Internal 90 Core
2 Developing a Marketing Campaign External 90 Core
3 Personal Finance and Business External 120 Core
8 Recruitment and Selection Process Internal 60 Optional

Level 3 Diploma

For those students who are seeking to develop and enhance their knowledge of business at level 3 St. Katherine's offers the two A level equivalent Diploma course of study. In this qualification students will take all of the units of the extended certificate as well as the ones outlined below. This allows students a greater insight into business and knowledge of a broader range of issues that are at work in the modern business environment. 

In addition to the units studied in the BTEC Extended Certificate students will also study the following units:

Unit Name Assessment Credits Core/ Optional
4 Managing an event Internal 90 Core
5 International Business Internal 90 Core
6 Principles of Management External 120 Core
27 Work Experience Internal 60 Optional



Co-curricular activities and clubs

The faculty currently offers after school catch-up clubs for KS4, where students can access help with homework or coursework and a range of social enterprise clubs facilitated and run by the business and computing team. These include Young Enterprise, Year 7 Christmas market, Macmillan Coffee Morning and Sweet Treats, all of which help students to develop their business experience and provide a range of enjoyable and challenging ways for them to grow and develop their social and emotional skills.

In Post 16 we currently offer the Young Enterprise initiative. Students create business ideas and form companies with the aim of developing their business and employability skills for life after education.