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  Term 1 Newsletter - October 2021  
  Message from Mr Humphreys, Headteacher  

Dear Parents/Carers,

Term 1 concludes with a bumpy end but this should not distract ourselves from what has been a productive and purposeful first term. The changes we made for September are embedding and our curriculum experience is now both deeper and broader for all students, offering all students a great experience, full of opportunity.  

We have shared some recent assessment information with children and parents/carers this week. Please take time to digest this and consider how you can embed some of the strategies shared into your weekly routines.

We will continue to review our risk assessment at the beginning of Term 2 and very much hope for a smooth experience for all. It is vital that we all take our responsibility of twice weekly testing seriously and continue to report this each week through Classcharts, including during the holiday period. 

We look forward to students returning on Wednesday 3 November. For a smooth start to Term 2, please ensure you child returns with:
● A negative LFD
● No symptoms
● At least one clean face mask

We are here to support all our young people with their learning at all times and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need further support in any of the adjustments we are making. 

Thank you to all parents/carers for your support at the start of the year. Wishing all families a restful half term break.

Justin Humphreys, Headteacher

DofE cooking.jpeg

Duke of Edinburgh silver expedition

A small group of year 11 students completed their expedition for the DofE Silver Award in Exmoor. Having missed the expeditions in Year 9 due to the pandemic, the group were able to complete their Bronze Award and wanted to do the expeditions for their Silver before their GCSEs. 

Expeditions at Silver last for three days, with at least two nights of camping. The group carried all their equipment and were completely self sufficient. Starting out in Porlock and walking to reach Lynmouth, before ending their expedition by crossing County's Gate. They crossed large areas of empty Exmoor, climbed up steep valleys and tip-toed along the edge of the South-West Coast Path. Each day required a minimum of seven hours of walking, so the group were pleased to be setting up camp each day with spectacular views and sunsets. The students had to carry and prepare all their food for the three days, as well as be prepared for every weather condition. Fortunately, the group had clear and sunny skies every day. 

They worked together very well, showing resilience and excellent team work to keep each other smiling and safe. The expedition was very successful and they all passed the assessment. Next up for them is the completion of their physical, volunteering and skills sections! 

A big thanks to all staff for supporting the expedition, including Ms Tovey, Mrs Jenkins, Mr Hake, Mr Parsons and Mr Francis-Black. 

Sign up for Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh is still ongoing. If you are interested in starting your journey, please contact Mr Hodgson 

Mr Hodgson, Outdoor Education/ Duke of Edinburgh Lead

Roustabout Theatre 1.JPG

‘This Island’s Mine’ - Theatrical inspiration!

As part of our ongoing work to encourage students to develop their independent thinking skills, we hosted Roustabout Theatre this term, who performed their thought provoking play, inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, to all students in Years 7-10.

Roustabout last visited us in February 2020, just before the first lockdown. St Katherine’s students helped actors to devise the debates around land ownership, which featured in the final performance. Set five years after the end of Shakespeare’s play, the production encourages the audience to decide for themselves who should own the island: Ariel, the spirit of nature, who preserves the island’s untouched environment; Caliban, the formerly enslaved son of a refugee, who was born on the island and takes only what he needs from it; or Stephano, an economic immigrant, who needs a new life to look after his family and plans to “civilise” the island.

The pandemic has restricted opportunities for families to enjoy live theatre and, for many young people, this was their first experience of live performance - and what a show it was!  

Students took part in a preparatory lesson in English, which encouraged them to decide for themselves who should own the island.  In Years 9 and 10, we reflected on Britain’s colonial heritage and students were able to apply their learning to their interpretation of the play.

Academic value aside, to watch Year 7 gasp in wonder, recoil in horror and laugh with joy at a live performance, reminded us all why creating collaborative community events is more important than ever at this time.

  Empowering our learners to be active global citizens  

Promoting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is in line with fundamental British values, supports highly effective safeguarding and ensures our curricular and co-curricular offer prepares young people to succeed in life. For these reasons, we have been working with students this term to promote these core values.

All students at St Katherine’s are encouraged to be active in their understanding of EDI; some students go the extra mile and act as advocates to promote and celebrate diversity in the school community.  All students are encouraged to share their ideas to promote EDI and step up to be advocates and, at post 16, ambassadors, for these values. Our Headteacher, Mr Humphreys, is fully supportive of student voice, actively welcoming students to share their views and visions for how we can create a more inclusive society.

Some staff also function as Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advocates, meaning that they are committed to routinely and proactively championing these core values. This can involve leading student clubs, supporting student campaigns and working to decolonise and diversify the curriculum. We will be sharing a directory of our staff advocates in Term 2. If you would like to be a parent/carer advocate, please contact Ms JeffersonWe are also in the process of completing an audit with The Global Equality Collective to see how we can support our staff to enhance their understanding of EDI.

At the moment, huge international debates are taking place about what young people should be taught in schools. At St Katherine’s, we believe in making all learners feel included, respecting and celebrating diversity and ensuring that the chance to succeed is equitable for all. Therefore, we seek to ensure that our academic and pastoral curriculum promotes these values. In line with fundamental British values, we encourage learners to think for themselves and give justified reasons for their opinions. We aim for our young people to leave us as independent thinkers who can voice their own views with confidence.

For this reason, we continuously develop the curriculum. In Humanities and English, in particular, we think about how young people see themselves reflected in the curriculum and encourage them to think about how different people offer different perspectives on history: we aim to equip students with the skills to think critically about how context affects our understanding of the world.

Mrs Cavanagh and Ms Jefferson recently led an assembly to share with students how we are working to make our curriculum more relevant at St Katherine’s. Have a look at the videos on the Cargo website to see why representation matters.

Ms Jefferson, Associate Headteacher, Head of English and Equalities Lead

Chantelle.jpg (2)

Celebrating Afro hair - triumphant tutorials!

Sixth form EDI ambassador, Chantelle Hawkes, is passionate about celebrating the beauty of Afro hair. To this end, she produced tutorial resources to educate the lower school about different hair types and the cultural and historical significance of Afro hair. Find out more by viewing the slides.

Year 11 and Year 9 EDI leaders delivered tutorials to every house across the week - and students and staff were blown away. Leaders spoke with honesty and knowledge, sharing their personal experiences and educating the school community about different hair types.

Following the tutorials, one Year 7 student wrote to Safa and Adil in Year 11: “Thank you for making me proud of my Afro hair.”

This comment sums up EDI at St Katherine’s: we aim to create a community where all learners feel accepted and valued, in line with the fundamental British value of mutual respect.

Footy 1.png

Black Lives Matter - An anti-racist exhibition football match

In terms of bringing the community together, Year 10 and 11 EDI leaders organised an exhibition football match to raise awareness of how sport can unite us and enable us to celebrate our common humanity.

Shockwaves resonated across the nation last June, when young BAME England players were subjected to racist abuse after England lost the final on penalties. Year 10 and 11 EDI leaders elected to host an exhibition match, played over the split lunch so that the whole school community could spectate. At the start of both halves, players chose to ‘take the knee.’

Students were educated about the important role sport can play in eradicating racist attitudes during student led house assemblies. In addition, in their English lessons, Year 11 students analysed Gareth Southgate’s powerful open letter, encouraging fans to truly consider what it means to be English.

Rumour had it that the sublime skills of the Year 10 goalkeeper would put paid to any Year 11 dreams of victory. Captains, Kanye Christie and Cosmo Brown, were both adamant that they would win. As it transpired, the Year 11 team trounced Year 10, scoring three emphatic goals, as the school cheered them on. 

Team Pride is bigger than ever!

As all of us are too well aware, the national lockdowns led to many feeling very vulnerable, especially young members of the LGBT+ community. Hence, it was with intense pride that we saw over 150 young members of Team Pride gather this term to demonstrate their commitment to advocating for the rights of LGBT+ people. Such large numbers are testament to how safe young people feel in our school and we look forward to working with student leaders to continue to celebrate the LGBT+ community.

If you are passionate about championing LGBT+ rights, please contact Mrs Skeates and Mr James at and

Neurodiverse Group launch

Legally, people with SEND are classified as ‘disabled’. At St Katherine’s, we pride ourselves on learning about the neurodiversity movement, thereby empowering students with neurodiverse traits to understand that their unique traits give them superpowers - and that we need to remove barriers to learning and unlock  potential.

Sixth form EDI ambassadors have thus established a Neurodiverse Support Group, whereby they seek to support learners with, for example, dyslexic, ASC and ADD traits, to work out how they learn best.  

We are keen to seek parental expertise to enable us to support learners: if you have any ideas, please contact Ms Wild at

Art refurb 1.jpg

New look for the Art Department

Back in the summer we brought you news of the St Katherine’s Art Gallery, which raised £150 for an internal makeover of our Design, Art and Technology faculty.

Rob Wheeler, a local artist, was approached to help transform the Art department. Rob actually worked as an art teacher at St Katherine’s 12 years ago and also worked with students to complete the mural in Pill. 

Rob is inspired by natural forms and the organic shapes and patterns found within William Morris’s work. He designed our mural to frame and showcase several display areas for students’ work; the mural leads each visitor to the Art Department up the stairs and along the corridor experiencing students’ work as they journey.

Ms Collett, DAT Technician commented "It has really brightened the place up, and created an inspiring environment for all of the creative subjects taking place in the department. The make over took a few months from preparation to finishing the walls with a local graffiti artist's work. It was finished just in time for the new school year when the classrooms were returned to their subject teachers again. Lots of staff around the school have said it’s their favourite place to visit!"

Nelly 2.JPG

Incredible student sculpture work

James Drury in 10Y is taking art for one of his options and has been developing his sculpting skills with the help of Ms Collet - he is showing a real flair and talent for 3D art! In creating the dog bust “Nelly” James learned how to build a sculpture from the very beginning. From making references to work from, building the armature inside, to understanding the bone structure and the muscle, and how to measure, analyse and understand why a shape exists. “Nelly” is made from Sculpey, a material that never dries out and is just baked in the oven when completed.

Ms Collett observed that James has “a natural talent for sculpting that I have been most impressed by.” 

Well done James - we’re looking forward to seeing your next project!

Leadership team 2.jpg
  Sixth Form Update  

Term 1 is always tricky: realigning expectations, adjusting back to reality after the long summer weeks, and embedding new routines as the world turns to autumn. However, our Post-16 students have attacked it head on. The Sixth Form block has been a hub of energy and activity as our Year 12 find their feet and our Year 13 click into gear for one of the most important years of their young lives. 

I would like to take a moment to focus on our incoming Year 12 students. Given the uncertainty and turmoil of their last two years of education, the Sixth Form team were ready for some bumps in the road, and wanted to ensure all possible support and assistance was made available to them in these early stages. But no - this cohort have committed fully and unquestioningly to post-16 life, working exceptionally well both in class and non-contact periods, engaging in enrichment activities and tutor time, and already making their stamp on the Sixth Form. We are so, so pleased to have them.

A clear highlight of this term was appointing our new Head and Deputy Head students. The interview process for Head Student was at once utterly inspiring and incredibly challenging, simply because the standard was so high. However, in the end, Grace Newby and Sharmarka Mattan stood out for their strong vision, excellent communication skills and individual stories. We are thrilled to have them onboard, as we are our Deputy Head Students, Chantelle Hawkes, Edith Powell, Amalie Chapman and Jessica Stanley. We know they will do exceptional work over the coming year. 

Our new Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Weatherson, has been extremely busy delivering a totally revamped programme of Enrichment and Leadership. As part of their Tuesday Afternoon Enrichment slots, students have been invited to follow one of the Five C Pathways: Challenge, Converse, Create, Compete and Contribute, reinforcing our drive to deliver exceptional experiences for our students both inside and outside the classroom, and helping develop well-rounded individuals. Equally powerful has been our Monday Leadership Programme, which has encouraged students to engage with their own inner leader via a series of fascinating talks from a wide range of outside speakers from the world of business, sport, academia and entrepreneurship. Moving forwards, we cannot wait to see the benefits that our students’ innate leadership qualities will bring to the whole school. 

And still more! Head Student Grace Newby led brilliantly on our Hello Yellow day with ample support from Bethia Brown and other Sixth Form leaders, raising over £250 for the cause through a bake sale, and even more importantly, raising awareness of youth mental health. Students have also engaged brilliantly in Black History Month, producing and delivering an assembly and tutor activity based around Decolonising the Curriculum and attending tutor times across all the houses to discuss hair and its importance within the BAME community. 

As ever, a huge thank you to the parents and carers of our Sixth Formers for all your support in pushing each student to be their best selves. Enjoy the brief respite of half term, before we go again in Term 2! Take care.

Mr Davies, Head of Sixth Form

Macmillan cake.png

Cake fundraiser for Macmillan

Once again St Katherine's hosted a cake sale as part of Macmillan's World's biggest coffee morning, raising a phenomenal £534.50 for the charity! On 24th September we held a cake sale on the top field where students were able to purchase homemade, cakes, cookies and treats in support of this amazing cause. Staff also bought raffle tickets to win a beautiful cake, generously donated by Molly Hayward from "Baked by Mollie" - lucky Mrs Skeates was the winner. 

Thank you to Mrs Shephard for organising the event and for the Co-op in Pill for kindly donating additional cakes for us to sell.

Mental Health Awareness Day.jpg

Hello Yellow!

Head student Grace Newby worked very hard to organise fundraising activities for World Mental Health Day on Friday 8th October, in support of the charity Young Minds. Sixth Formers baked cakes which were sold to staff and students during break and members of the school community wore a yellow item of clothing for a donation to the charity. (Mrs Grocock stole the shore with her sunflower "hat"!)

Grace thanked those involved: "What a success! Thank you to everyone who supported the cause, from baking and buying cakes to some creative yellow outfits. It was a brilliant day and we raised an amazing £265.99 to donate to young people's mental health. Well done everyone."


Readathon - 1st November - 1st December

With reading being such an important part of students' lives at St Katherine's, it seems perfect to be able to offer the chance for students in years 7, 8 and 9 to collect sponsorship for the increadible reading they are already doing! Whatever students enjoy reading, they can be sponsored by the book, chapter or page, with most of the proceeds going towards providing books and storytellers for Bristol Children's Hospital, and the rest will help buy new books for the school Library Resource Centre. Sign up details and sponsorship forms will be given out during tutor time. So, collect those sponsorship pledges and let's get reading!

Langford visit.JPG

Vet School visit

A group of year 11 students were given the opportunity to visit the Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences at Langford on Monday 20 September 2021.
Students were given a tour of the campus, with an opportunity to view the pathology labs, followed by a lecture on animal behaviour. In the afternoon there were practical workshops which included some small animal handling. As well as gaining an insight into the training that could be offered to Veterinary Science undergraduates, our students were also interested to learn about the enhanced role that veterinary nurses now play in the active care of animals.

  Headteacher commendations for term 1  

Key Stage 3

Year 7: 

Aidan Richards, Katie Buschenfeld, Noah Roberts, Alex Marton and Myloe Amade Brown.

Year 8:

Niamh Chatterjee, Jackson Burbridge and Hannah Green.

Year 9: 

Alice White, Bella Matthews and Costantinos Antonio.


Key Stage 4 and 5

Year 10: 

Jemimah Douglas, Jake Illes, Sekvan Tuncel, Demi Cornick, Max Powell, Sam Dixey, James Drury, Sophie Harper, Cosmo Browne, Archie Woolnough, Abbie Smallwood and Victoria Karczewska.

Year 11:

Jay Jake Mobbs, Matt Brennan, Lil Hawker, Charley Songer and Ruby Walsh.

Sixth Form:

Daisy Money and Olivia Wilshire.


House Championship screenshot.png
  House Championship  

Huge congratulations to Stephenson House who lead the House Championship at the end of term 1. The reds have lived up to their commitment to be determined and have been hugely successful at the start of this academic year.

Much has happened in term 1 including the election of House Leaders, appointment of tutor representatives and sports captains who are working alongside their Heads of House to bring out the best in their House. The work of these student leaders is supported by bringing all of the tutor groups in each House together in a House Hub. Each House has been assigned an area of the school where all of the tutor groups register alongside one another each morning, making it possible for students of different ages to work together on what matters most in their house. 

The House Championship values what we value and Stephenson House has taken the early lead because their punctuality has been the best across the school. We have had a strong focus on the importance of being punctual. We believe that being on time is an important life skill and shows respect for others when we arrive in good time for school each day and for  lessons. Stephenson House won the term 1 ethos competition and were awarded 200 points.

Stephenson also showed their commitment to reading by winning both the accelerated reader competition and the reading log competition. The Fun Fix Fridays have continued to provide memorable moments and this term we have competed in the balloon race with Turing and Yousafzai sharing the top spot. We also saw the welcome return of the ever popular After Eight Challenge which Pankhurst were triumphant in. We have finished the term with our first sporting competition and students have been competing in Cross Country. The scores from this will be added to the term 2 totals and will certainly have an impact on the overall standings. 

Everyone should feel proud of their contribution to their House this term but the plaudits go to Stephenson House. Congratulations!

Mrs Crocker, Assistant Headteacher

  Pankhurst House Update  

Well it's been great to be back at St Katherine's without students having to remain in bubbles as this has made the school feel much more 'normal' and you can see the positive reaction to this from the students, who are enjoying being a bit more free. I think the most positive element of the return has been having all of the Pankhurst students together in a 'hub' in the English block. This has saved me trekking all around the school to see students but most importantly has allowed us to start deepening the house culture. I've enjoyed greeting the students each morning and have enjoyed the additions to our Pankhurst playlist as the term has gone on.

Our Year 7 students have settled in really well and look like they will be fine additions to the house. Collectively they have generated nearly 7500 praise points for Pankhurst House which is an impressive achievement, and I know Miss Gambier and Miss Mullen are rightly proud. We have two new house leaders Mohamad Warsame and Helena Mills and I am enjoying working with them.

In terms of the House Championship we've made a bit of a slow start and Stephenson deserve their lead, but as I have pointed out to Mr Thomas, Pankhurst were leading the championship at the end of last year's term 1 and finished last, so there is all very much to play for.

In terms of individual performances I am proud that we have five out of the top ten praise earners in the school. Seb Hutchins-Davies, Myloe Amadi Brown, Emily Sell, Ryan Rice and Christopher Rogers have all made a fantastic start to the year and I'm looking forward to helping them continue this after a well deserved rest.

Mr Murdoch, Head of Pankhurst House

  Stephenson House Update  

It has been lovely to start the new term in Stephenson House and it is great to see students having a more normal experience of school life without the Covid restrictions that have been in place for the large part of two years. The highlight for me was the opportunity to have our first assembly as a house - 550 days since the last time we were able to meet altogether. Although this has only happened once this term it was lovely to get together and celebrate and reward the success of students within Stephenson House. Another exciting new addition has been the introduction of the house hubs and I have enjoyed welcoming students in the morning with our house songs- albeit a little bit cheesy for their liking!

Danielle and Jonathan have done a great job in their first term as house leaders using their leadership role to come around and promote things as well as celebrate star of the week and tutor group golden eagle of the week. There will be an opportunity in term 2 to shape the leadership and future of the house through student voice and I am pleased we have been able to elect our house reps who will work alongside Jonathan and Danielle.

House representatives

  • Harry Brown, 7S
  • Felix Huertas, 8S1
  • Charlie Threlfall, 8S1
  • Izzi Healy-Hart, 8S2
  • Jack Palmer-Givan, 9S
  • Joe Crawford, 10S1
  • Charlie Thoburn, 10S1
  • Sophia Harper, 10S2

A new addition this term has been the golden eagle of the week, for the tutor group showing the best approach to learning and representing our RED values of Respect, Equality and Determination. The new mascot eagle (which we have not named yet) sits proudly in the tutor room of the groups that have won it! 

Winning tutor groups:

  • Week 2- 7S
  • Week 2- 8S2
  • Week 3- 10S1
  • Week 4- 9S

In our celebration assembly this week we had the opportunity to praise and reward students for their hard work and endeavour throughout this term. Please see below students who have been Stephenson Stars:

  • 7SBrad Keeley, Celvin Barbosa-Goa, Yasmin Browne, Cleo Delve, Phoebe Woolnough, Maisie Thorn.
  • 8S1: Victoria Reid, Josh Healy Hart, Annie Skeates, Ari Weterbergs
  • 8S2: Izzi Healy-Hart, Corey Walters, Bella Lyons, Jack Lawrence
  • 9S: Afifa Jagwe, Uzair Shaffi, Noah Bulmer, Archie Lowe, Daniel Grace, Chloe Patten
  • 10S1: Sophie Hicks, Victoria Karczewska, Buster Barnes, Zach Page, Jack Sloman, Noah Pearson
  • 10S2: Maddie Price, Jacob Hanks-Mcmorrow, Sophia Harper, Ayman Zaghdane, Ruby Fowler
  • 11S: Scarlett Newby, Najiib Yusuf, Danielle Cameron, Alicia Majzel

Highest praise earners:

  • 7S- Theo Harper
  • 8S1-Ari Westerberg
  • 8S2- Jack Lawerence
  • 9S- Jack Palmer Givan
  • 10S1- Victoria Karczeweska
  • 10S2-Sophia Harper
  • 11S- Adil Mohamood

In our first assembly of the term I challenged students to ‘be the best version of themselves’ and think what their Olympics could be for the year. It has been lovely to see students reflecting on these challenges and using this as a tool to improve. This leads on to our successful term as a house as we have finished top of the house championship. It has always been a challenge for us as a house and we strive to do the best that we can. This term Stephenson House has won the following competitions;

  1. Lowest negatives and best behaviour ratio
  2. Ethos competition for promptness to lessons.
  3. Reading log competition
  4. Accelerated reader competition
  5. Fun Fix Friday- fast walking

A great term for students in Stephenson House and I would like to thank everyone for being the best version of themselves. It has been great to have you all back in school and I wish you and your families a lovely half term.

Mr Thomas, Head of Stephenson House

Alan Turing 2.png
  Turing House Update  

What a start to the school year!

It has been fantastic to see everyone back to school for the first term of 2021-2022 and a special “welcome” to our Year 7 Turing House members. The new Turing House Hub has allowed the tutor groups in the house to be in one centralised area in the morning, creating that feeling of unity and community, something that was missing last year due to covid restrictions.  

A big thank you to all current house members for remembering how they felt in Year 7 and taking time to reassure and support new students as they found their way in the early days at St Katherine’s. I would also like to thank parents and carers for the encouragement you have given to those in your care, helping them to throw themselves into their first term at school.  

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the amazing Turing Leadership TeamThe team has started a piece of work looking at student voice and reflecting on how the academic year has begun. They will try to identify what has gone well and areas the school could improve on for next academic year.

The members of Turing House have once again risen to the challenges, I would like to celebrate the successes in this letter. All of the achievements have been based on the house values and motto:

  • Turing Values: Determination, Acceptance, Unity
  • Turing Motto: “The strength of the team is each individual member, the strength of each member is the team”
  • Turing Spiritual Animal: The Wolf for loyalty, pathfinding, never ending journey and sense of family.

Notable successes have been seen across Turing House, with students earning a considerable number of praise points, seven students have been truly outstanding, with Luke James topping the bill. Well done Luke!

Top praise earners in each Turing tutor group:

  • 7T1: Oscar Thomas- 148 praises
  • 8T1: Marcus Perry- 133 praises
  • 8T2: Luke James - 176 praises
  • 9T : Oscar Caton - 148
  • 10T1: Lucy Holloway - 142
  • 10T2: Winnie Fey - 159
  • 11T: Nicole Conbeer - 86
  • Tremendous Turings:

Term 1's weekly Tremendous Turing are mentioned below. It always gives me great satisfaction in highlighting these considerable achievements by house members, and I always look forward to hearing from our tutors who and why a house member has received this recognition. Well done to all 42 of you!

  • 7T: Clay Leonard, Megan Bowers, Ohemaa Gyimah-Sarpong, Emily James, Bethany Hodges, Faria Azim
  • 8T1: Mylie Brice, Liam Davies, Lola Bevan Petrucco, Matei Achim, William Juchau-Nash, Jay Jay Lincoln
  • 8T2: Freya Lusher, Isobel Charlewood, Luke James, Hassan Maxamuud, Kiyona Francis
  • 9T: Oscar Caton, Caitlin Donovan, Lucas Matthews, Riley Bristol, Roary Gallagher, Fern Clarke
  • 10T1: Josh Harvey, Lucy Holloway, Alex James, Gabby Marcovitch, Joseph Mcloughlin, Nas Gyimah-Sarpong
  • 10T2: Jake Packham, Maddy Thomas, Ruby Magnum, Teagan Davidson, Arthur Storey, Maddy Thomas
  • 11T: Yusra Ahmed, Hollie Andrews, Nic Conbeer, Maida Mohamed, Charlie Flay, Trysten Nmai

At the end of each term the Turing Tutors identify a student for their Magnificent Termly Turings award. Often the tutee who receives this prestigious award has exemplified our true values consistently throughout the term and is therefore a credit to themselves and the house. Well done to our seven Magnificent Turings! 

In turn, this has had a massive and positive impact on the overall Behaviour Ratio at St Katherine’s with our house currently at 91%. I think this reflects the concerted and sustained effort made by the majority of the house.

  • 7T1 - Bea Hall for or always being an enthusiastic and active member of the tutor group! You have made a fantastic start to the year and are working hard in all of your subjects! Well done!
  • 8T1 -Cerys Voisey for consistently being enthusiastic, hard working and resilient in all her subjects! As well as showing kindness to her peers and involving herself in a range of extra curricular activities. Well done Cerys!
  • 8T2 -Luke James for persistently going out of his way to helpful others; kindness, and showing a passion and desire to learn.
  • 9T -Victor Achim for having a conscientious attitude towards his lessons and balancing this with good humour too. Victor is a fantastic role model to other students in the tutor group. He always strives to do his best. Well done! 
  • 10T1 -Hope Roberts, thank you for always being a positive presence in our tutor group. You are always helpful and kind and cheer everyone up with your positivity!
  • 10T2- Winnie Fey, thank you for always being a positive presence in our tutor group. You are always helpful and kind and cheer everyone up with your positivity!
  • 11T - Layla Clarke, for constantly getting it right. Always coming into school with a smile and a positive attitude, Asks for help when she needs it and offers help to others without asking.

I have always maintained that the key to success at school for all students is directly linked to attendance. I am very proud to say that 69 students in Turing House achieved 100% attendance (not including Covid) during term one. This is so pleasing and will be reflected in the progress of these individuals. Those students with 100% attendance are highlighted below. Congratulations to all of you for your exemplary effort:

Matei Achim, Victor Achim, Yusra Ahmed, May Anderson, Costantinos Antonio, Eleana Antonio, Harvey Bambury, Ella Bartovsky, Riccardo Benoni, Miko Botta, Riley Bristol, Adam Britton, Leo Buston, Isobel Charlewood, Nicole Conbeer, Macy Curthoys, Edie Davidson, Joey Doherty, Thomas Earle, Henry Fairholm, Daniel Falconer, Levi Faulks, Winnie Fey, Sol Flight, Tacie-Ann Francis, Roary Gallagher, Karell Gillard-O'Donnell, Nas Gyimah-Sarpong, Ohemaa Gyimah-Sarpong, Sofia Hawkesby, Charlie Heptinstall, Darius Ionescu, Emily James, Luke James, Harvey Knight, Clay Leonard, Hector Mackenzie-Andrieux, Hafsa Maxamuud, Samira Maxamuud, Sumeya Maxamuud, Malak Mengoud, Patrik Miles, Maida Mohamed, Hamdi Mohamed Abdi, Oliver Morgan, Solanah Morgan, Owen Moss, Samuel Mwangi, Trysten Nmai, Phoebe Oakman, Sam Oakman, Matthew Parsons, Maddie Passco, Erin Reeves, Hope Roberts, Noah Roberts, Taygan Smith, Harley Stanley, Olivia Stanley, Bess Stevens, Keir Sutton, Madeline Thomas, Oscar Thomas, Cerys Voisey, Ruby Walsh, Luke Welsby, Lucas Whitfield, Brooke Williams, Sorren Williams and Damian Zaru.

Finally, I would like to turn my attention to the on-going House Competition. Turing House has enjoyed some success in the Inter House Competition. I am delighted to say that this first term, our standards at Turing have not faltered. Although there is a long journey ahead, Turing House is at present in second place in the Inter House Competition table, on 210 points, trailing Stephenson by 82 points.

Turing house have made a good start to the house championship and are currently in second place. 

  • House Ethos Competition - 2nd place (150 points)
  • Reading Log - 3rd place (16 points)
  • Accelerated Reader - 2nd place (24 points)
  • Race Walk (FunFixFriday) - 3rd place (8 points)
  • After Eight Challenge (FunFixFriday) - 2nd place (12 points)

I hope that you enjoy your well-earned holiday and return to school in Term 2, invigorated, motivated and steadfast in your quest to do your best and show progression in every aspect of academic, house and school objectives.

‘The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.’ Create The Impossible!

 Mrs Price, Head of Turing House

  Yousafzai House Update  

And here we go - the start of a new school year! It has been great to have year 7 join the house. They have settled in brilliantly and are a brilliant addition to our team.

We had a real treat this term by being able to have an assembly altogether in the lecture theatre. It was so nice to be able to deliver assembly and see all 200 faces smiling back. We could formally introduce our House Leaders, Amani Islam and Will Stratton who delivered part of the assembly too. We had another reminder of how privileged we are to be able to come to school each day and how we need to make the most of every opportunity that we have to learn, as girls in Afghanistan have not been allowed back into school. It made our house motto, treasure our education like a diamond, that bit more real. 

This week we had our celebration of achievement assembly for the term and we had lots of things worth celebrating! 

Tutors nominated two individuals from their tutor group to be named as ‘Malala’s Greats’ - those that have had an excellent start to the term. 

  • 7Y1 - Sami Zaghdane and Suzie Berryman-Morris
  • 7Y2  - Lara Mohan and Ollie Newman
  • 8Y  - Samuel Jones and Faisa Ismail
  • 9Y1 - Ikran Issa and Logan O’Donnell
  • 9Y2 - Millie Horn and Sonny Toto
  • 10Y - James Drury and Rebecca Foster
  • 11Y1 - Edie Church and Lewis Furlong
  • 11Y2 - Will Stratton and Charlotte Mccleary

As a house we have the best attendance and the joint best behaviour ratio. This is brilliant! Now we need to continue this! Having the best attendance and best behaviour shows our character and how much we value education. There have been little victories in the House Championship - we have come a steady second in Fun Fix Friday competitions; race walking and the after eight challenge. Heidi Martineau and James Wamulo did an excellent job at winning for Yousafzai for their year group in race walking! We have had cross country this week and we await results. It has been so great to have students come and tell me just how well they have done. 

Unfortunately we do find ourselves fourth in the house championship. The main reason for this is losing the ethos competition - worth big points! - of punctuality. This is something that we need to focus on for the coming terms to win this big competition - not just because it’s worth lots of points but because it is an indicator of who we are and how much we value our education. 

This term have had introduced the game of ‘Capture the Elephant’ across the house. Our house mascot is an elephant and tutor groups are competing to try and capture it to show that they are the best tutor group in the house - in terms of attendance and behaviour. 7Y1 have been the firm victors of this, capturing it for every week this term bar than one where 11Y1 claimed it! Who will it go to next term?!

Our thoughts do turn to year 11 who will be embarking on their first set of mocks. They are an exceptional year group and I have high hopes for every single one of them. I am trusting they have a restful half term whilst starting to revise for those assessments. 

As always, it is a total joy to be head of Yousafzai House. A massive thank you to all Yousafzai students who have made a brilliant start to the year, despite challenges of covid still lingering. And a thank you to all the parents and carers for your continued support. 

Enjoy a well earned break and we’ll see you in November!

Miss Andrews, Head of Yousafzai House

PE Primary festival.jpg
  PE and Sport News  
  • Students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 11 have been busy representing their houses this week on the Cross Country course. For our youngest students, this was their first taste of the house sport competition while for our Year 11 students this was their final opportunity to test their stamina. Full results and all of the fallout to follow in the PE newsletter.
  • We've already seen more than 200 students representing the school in fixtures and events - last year this was almost completely missing from our PE offer and so it has been extra special to get back to it at the start of this year. Congratulations to all of the students who have represented the school so far - we're looking forward to seeing lots more later this year.
  • Well over 300 students have got involved in our more 'normal' co-curricular offer already this year and it's great to see students making the most of the opportunities that are available to them before, during and after school. A special mention to the students who get up extra early for strength and conditioning on a Wednesday and Friday morning before school. This is a new club this year and improving students' physical capabilities as well as reducing their risk of injury are really high up on our agenda this year. If you're interested, come along!
  • There's been lots of drama in the football cups at the start of this year with penalty shoot-outs, extra-time, late goals, emphatic wins and tough defeats but all of the students who have played knockout football have been a credit to the school. A special mention to the Year 8 boys who, at the time of writing, are still in the National Cup. Lots of teams still have the Somerset Cup to contest so we're hopeful of more success later this year.
  • We've also loved getting back to some leadership this year and at the start of October we welcomed over 100 primary school children from the local area for a festival led by our very own students. We actually arranged this festival for an INSET day and were taken aback when we had more than 20 Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students volunteer to come into school on their day off! Not only did they come in, they led a superb festival taking responsibility for all aspects of delivery and providing a brilliant morning of physical activity for a number of primary children.
  • As always, all of the term 1 news and much more will be included in the newsletter so get yourself signed up!

Mr Cook, Head of PE

Exam hall image Feb 19.jpg
  We're looking to expand our team of exam invigilators  

We need examinations invigilators during exam seasons (including 'mocks') through the year. Hours are flexible between 8 am and 4 pm and can vary according to your availability and the examinations timetable. 

Contract: Casual, required as soon as possible

Further information about the school, the post and how to apply can be found on the school website.

To apply for this role please go to:

St Katherine’s is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The post is subject to DBS Barred list and Enhanced Disclosure checks.

Closing Date:  Midnight 31 October 2021

  Term 2 dates for your diary  
  • 01 & 02 November: INSET DAYS - School closed to students
  • 03 November: Year 13 Geography trip to St Audries Bay
  • 04 November: Year 9 Progress Evening
  • 10 November: SKAMPS Virtual AGM, 7.30pm
  • 17 November: Sixth Form Open Evening - register here
  • 25 November: Sixth Form art trip to London
  • 25 November: Year 12 trip to Bristol Hippodrome
  • 25 November: Year 8 Progress Evening
  • 17 December: Non school uniform day
  • 17 December: END OF TERM 2 - Early finish, buses leave 2pm
  • 04 January: INSET day - School closed to students
  • 05 January: Students in school for Term 3
  Keep in touch  

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