Cathedral Schools Trust Virtual Iftar 2020


Staff, students and their families got involved with the Cathedral Schools Trust virtual community Iftar on Thursday 14th May.

St Katherine's Y9 student Amani was one of the speakers, to view the Iftar please see the CST youtube channel:

Teachers across the trust took part in a sponsored fast to raise money for the food banks run by the Trussell Trust:

Along with Mrs Crocker and Mr Maw, St Katherine's Headteacher Mr Humphreys took part in the fast, he commented:

"Yesterday I was delighted to attend the virtual Iftar at 8pm before breaking my fast at 8:57. It was a great experience, both mentally and physically. I learnt more about the significance of Ramadan and was interested to hear how families have been enjoying Ramadan this year under the current restrictions - there are positives to be drawn from all situations.

Throughout the day as long as I was occupied, I found the time passed quickly and the thought of food and drink remained buried deep in the back of my mind. Fortunately, there is an awful lot to think about at the moment! Along with Mrs Crocker and Mr Maw, I know the thirst we were all feeling from around 7pm was particularly profound. A glass of iced cold water at 8:57pm has never tasted so good."