Sixth Form Admissions

Students can apply to the Sixth Form at any stage of the academic year but courses run from September until July.  Although we are a North Somerset School, St Katherine’s Sixth Form is open to all students regardless of their home location.

Parents and prospective students are encouraged to visit us at our Open Evening or by appointment for an individual meeting.  Finding an appropriate place for the next stage of your education is very important and we encourage you to read the determined admission arrangements and follow the guidance below to support this transition.

Wednesday 18 November

6th Form live webinar 6.00-7.00pm

The recording of the event is available here

Wednesday 18 November

Applications for 2021 are open.

To apply online you will need to register via the Google Form (see below)

January - March Informal discussion with interna and external students - TBC
Summer 2021 Taster day TBC
August 2021 GCSE results day TBC
September 2021 Induction day for Year 12 TBC

Entry Requirements

To enter the Sixth Form students must achieve at least five GCSE or vocational qualifications graded 9-4 for GCSEs or their equivalents, Distinction* - Level 2 Pass for vocational subjects.  Individual subjects will have their own minimum GCSE attainment grade as detalied below in the course information booklet.

Subject specific entry requirements

Subject Specific subject grade(s) Maths grade English grade
Art 5    
Biology 6    
Business Single Award Level 2 Pass    
Business Double Award Level 2 Pass    
Chemistry 6    
Creative Digital Media Production     4
Drama and Theatre 5    
English Literature 5    
Food Science and Nutrition 5 or Merit in hospitality    
Geography 5    
Health and Social Care 4 in biology   4
History 5    
Mathematics 7    
Further Mathematics 8    
Philosophy and Ethics 5    
Physical Education Merit in sport and 5 in biology    
Physics 6 6  
Product Design 5 or merit in engineering    
Psychology 5 in biology 5 5
Sport Merit    


You can apply via this Google Docs form.

For further information please download our prospectus, telephone the school on 01275 373737, or email Mr Geraint Davies, Head of Sixth Form on