Incredible Sixth Form art work

We often share students' art work on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, the posts are among our most popular and we receive lots of "likes" and comments praising our students' creativity.

One talented artist, Edith Powell in Year 12, has produced so much incredible work, both in school and during the recent holidays, that we wanted to showcase her work on our website. 

Ms Tallis, Head of Art, explained "Edith is making unbelievably good progress in art, especially given the current disruption to her education". She described Edith's work as "beautiful, expressive, yet accurate paintings and drawings in a range of media including experiments with oils; these stunning pieces have a particularly sophisticated, sculptural quality to them."

Edith said "I think I love portraiture so much as I love paintings that tell a story, that are unique and individual. I connected with the shoe assignment as well as when I'm painting something that feels like it belongs to one person, it makes me feel more inspired to express and give hints into any background story I know or want to give to the piece. After my A Levels I would love to start selling some of my work and possibly create a small online shop on the side while studying at university."  

During Year 12 art students work through a carousel of mini projects, the theme changes every term. Students are currently working on fruit and vegetables, Edith completed the beautiful strawberry painting as part of her body of work in response to a set task - a close up detail of fruit or vegetables completed in paint. Miss Tallis added "we encourage all sixth form students to complete a drawing every day. Edith not only does this, but challenges herself to develop her painting skills in her own time."

We are sure the wider St Katherine's community will enjoy viewing Edith's work: 

Portraiture: Portrait, portrait, portrait, portrait, portrait

Figures: Figure, figure, figure, figure

Fruit studies: Banana, grapes, raspberry, strawberry

Objects: Red converse, boots drawing, hair accessory