National Apprenticeship Week at St Katherine's

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual event that is designed to raise awareness of apprenticeships. The idea behind it is to encourage even more people to choose apprenticeships as a fast-track to a great career. The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2021 is “Build the Future”. This is designed to encourage everyone to consider how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and employers to build a workforce with future-ready skills.

St Katherine’s students are able to access lots of information about apprenticeships on the Careers google classroom. There are videos, quizzes and information that will help students understand about what an apprenticeship is and if it might be the right career path for them. Students can also access links with Speakers for Schools, providing talks from apprentices, giving the opportunity to ask questions about what it's really like to be on an apprenticeship.