Year 7 celebrate Roald Dahl Day

Year 7 students celebrated our annual Roald Dahl Day on 4 th October with a quiz in the Library Resource Centre (LRC).

15 teams of  pupils battled it out in two hotly contested rounds designed to test their knowledge of Roald Dahl stories.    There was some impressive knowledge on show resulting in one of the highest scoring Roald Dahl competitions we’ve ever had.  Three teams ended up in a three-way tie and, after a tense tie-break question (‘How many languages have Roald Dahl stories been translated into?*), the winning team was Sophie Hicks, Tehreem Ahmed, Josie Rafferty and Grace Lowther-Harris representing Stephenson and Turing Houses.  The winning pupils each won loads of Roald Dahl stuff, including their choice of a Roald Dahl book.

No Roald Dahl event is complete without a golden ticket and there was one planted under one of the chairs for an extra prize.  George Garland (7S2) was sitting in the lucky seat this year.

Everyone taking part went away with a small prize and plenty of house points and it was brilliant to see so many students taking part in the first LRC event of the year.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Ms Wyld, Librarian

* in case you were wondering the answer is 42!