Year 9 students create eye-catching mural for local community

A group of Year 9 students joined forces with Bristol graffiti artist Rob Wheeler (‘Graft’) to create an eye-catching mural for our local community of Pill.

Rob, who used to work as an Art and Design teacher at St Katherine’s, approached the school with a proposal for a graffiti art project to design the mural.   Inspired by his interest in the history of the local area and Pill’s maritime heritage Rob suggested a design based on the William Morris ‘Avon Chintz’ pattern.  Working with the students he adapted the design to incorporate maritime images such as ships, tidal currents and oar heads.

Firstly, Rob did a workshop with the students in school teaching them some basic spraypainting techniques and how to create their own ‘tags’ and spray stencils.  They then spent a day on site using their new spray skills to fill in the mural outline Rob had created. Rob then returned the next day to add the final details.

Special thanks to Rob for this fantastic project and congratulations to students Edith Powell, Judit Molnar, Bethia Brown, Fergus Creton,  Annika Rugman, Jimmy Church and Grace Newby for their hard work and commitment.