About Us

A warm welcome to St Katherine’s

We aim to create an environment where students feel confident, secure and valued to help them perform at their best. A St Katherine’s education is busy, purposeful and ambitious, but also great fun. Every child needs to be safe and happy at school in order to achieve their full potential. We know that we perform at our best when we feel confident, secure and valued. We aim to provide this environment for every member of our school through our exceptional pastoral care and absolute commitment to wellbeing which makes St Katherine’s such a happy, thriving school. We also know that our success is built on forging strong partnerships with parents and carers to ensure all our young people make excellent progress.

We are proud to be a fully inclusive comprehensive school and value every young person within our community. We take full advantage of the size of our school to create a friendly atmosphere where every child is well known and cared for as an individual. Like our students, our staff are energetic, passionate and committed professionals, who stretch and challenge our young people both inside and outside of the classroom – we all learn something new everyday and it enriches and improves us all.

Our academic success is combined with developing our students into young adults; equipped socially and academically to take on the opportunities and challenges of life. We celebrate and recognise the achievements of our young people in all forms through our rich curriculum and extensive range of extracurricular activities.

I hope you enjoy reading about our school and that our website answers some of your questions, giving you a sense of what a truly great experience St Katherine’s offers young people. What it cannot do is give you a real sense of the positive, aspirational and engaging atmosphere of the school. The only way to experience this is to come and visit us and see for yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Justin Humphreys