We are proud to be a fully inclusive comprehensive school and value every young person within our community. We use our local context and diversity to shape our curriculum, including our tutor and co-curricular programme so that we grow our students into resilient young adults; equipped socially and academically to take on the opportunities and challenges of life. We firmly believe that students will leave us as highly literate young people and so actively promote and prioritise reading.

We know a highly effective curriculum has the power to unlock the ever-changing world for our students. In order to thrive beyond the gates of St Katherine’s, students must leave our school with diverse and well-developed schema. Through our focus on our high quality curriculum that creates these diverse and well developed schema, we aim for all of our students to be armed with the knowledge, skills and confidence to flourish as they engage with new opportunities and challenges throughout their lifetime. Our subject experts use their experience and links with their subject communities to carefully craft the curriculum to instil this knowledge and skills that will not only unlock progression and careers within the individual subject, but also enable students to fully appreciate awe and wonder in the world around us.

Our ambitious curriculum is responsive to the needs of our learners, providing all of our young people with enriching educational experiences. We are passionate that all students are able to successfully access our curriculum. We provide further support for students where appropriate; through teacher support in the classroom; guided option choices with academic, social or pastoral interventions to enable all students to make excellent progress.  

Leaders frequently review the curriculum and make deliberate syllabus decisions to ensure that we develop a rich breadth of knowledge and skills at KS3. Students can draw from and build upon such foundations as they make informed KS4 and KS5 choices, facilitating progression pathways both within and beyond life at St Katherine’s.

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