We hope that you share in our belief that secondary education is not only academic but a time to develop life skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.

There are many clubs to join, run by our enthusiastic teachers, including a wide range of sports, humanities, community and charitable projects. Our performing arts faculty stage spectacular annual whole shcool production is as good as many professional shows. Outside school we are actively involved in the annual Pill Music Festival.

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Lunchtime and After School Activities

Liven up your lunchtime and get involved after school with our wide range of extracurricular activities.

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Music Lessons

Music Lessons at St Katherine’s are offered under the following policy, common to all North Somerset schools.

  • Lessons are provided by teachers from the North Somerset Music Service.  These teachers are booked 6 school weeks in advance of each billing period – Terms 1/2, 3/4, 5/6
  • For this reason we request payment in ADVANCE for all lessons.  Booking for the next session will not be made without payment
  • If a teacher misses a lesson for any reason, this will be made up within that term if possible.  If not, it is made up the next term
  • If a pupil misses a lesson for any reason, including illness/school trips, this cannot be made up
  • It is the pupil’s responsibility to check the times of lessons and arrive promptly with the correct equipment
  • The Head of Department will ensure that the correct number of lessons are delivered, in a professional manner.  Any known dates, such as INSET days, will be notified in advance
  • Reports are sent out twice a year to parents
  • Any queries about lessons should be put in writing (or email), to the Head of Music, who will contact you (
  • One double term is required for cancellation of lessons – this should be done either in writing or by email to the Head of Music (Miss Adams;
  • Lessons are provided for 33 weeks over the year

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a highly regarded national scheme. It is open to all young people between the ages of 14 and 24 and offers participants the opportunity to become involved in lots of exciting activities. The Award comprises on four sections, volunteering, skill, physical as well as 

an expedition. The award aims to encourage you to learn new skills, improve yourself and the community, and put you out of your comfort zone. 
On completion of the award, participants receive a certificate which is highly regarded by both employers and further education providers. 
Mr Hodgson is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Centre Manager.  St Katherine's provides all the training and support for the expedition. Participants complete practise expeditions and training sessions, to ensure they are ready for their self-supported adventure. They must plan, walk and navigate a route, as well as demonstrating good camp-craft skills.
For further information on the Award, please see the official Duke of Edinburgh's Award website at
Your contact in school is Mr Hodgson.