Applying to St Katherine's

For all September entries to Year 7, you must apply to the local authority of your home address, regardless of where the school is located.

St Katherine’s is a North Somerset Council school although 70% of our students live in Bristol. If you live in North Somerset you should apply to North Somerset putting St Katherine’s as your preferred choice. If you live within the Bristol authority boundary you must apply through Bristol City Council putting St Katherine’s as your preferred choice.

For in-year admissions only, you should complete the online form and expect a response within five working days.

Variations to our Admission Arrangements effective from 1st September 2021

In line with the introduction of the new School Admissions Code in September 2021, schools which are their own Admission Authorities have been required to put specific variations in place to previously determined admission arrangements for 2021/22 and 2022/23.

These relate to the definition of looked after and previously looked after children (children in care/previously in care whether in England or elsewhere), the definition of 'Home', in year admission procedures and how distance is measured.

These variations were determined for use by Cathedral Schools Trust (CST) who is the admission authority. You can view the Varied Admission Arrangements for 2021/22 and 2022/23 by following the links below: 

St Katherine's School 11- 16 Varied Admission Arrangements 2022/23

St Katherine's School Post 16 Varied Admission Arrangements 2022/23

St Katherine's School Varied Admission Arrangements 2021/22

Map of St Katherine's First Geographical Area

Application for an Out of Year Group Request

Updated guidance Coronavirus (COVID-19): School Admission Appeals

To view a report on the outcomes of the admission consultation for 2022/23 admission arrangements for all trust schools summarising the responses we received and explaining the decisions reached for each school - please see the Consultation Report.

To view the varied admission arrangements for all schools - please see Admissions Cathedral Schools Trust.

If you have any queries about any aspect of this process please call 01275 373737 and ask to speak to Mrs Kilgallon or email