To provide students with a broad history curriculum which challenges them to look critically at past events from different perspectives. Our students need to experience a curriculum which is decolonised and therefore reflects the diversity of our school community. The curriculum should also empower students so that they are aware of the vital role of different groups of people in bringing about change in history through protest, activism and resistance with a particular focus on Bristol. Learning about our shared local community of Bristol will also provide students with an understanding of the key themes of empire and industry which will enable them to better understand some of the modern day issues and debates affecting the city today. 

Students should understand that history as a discipline is continually evolving and that this is the result of research developments and critiquing the actions of the past. Therefore, significant emphasis will be placed on analysing and evaluating different interpretations of history. Students will be encouraged to link the zeitgeist of different time periods to the attitudes of historians and ordinary people in order to understand how historical events can be reinterpreted. Our curriculum will also enable students to think critically when examining historical sources and to utilise these skills in modern life, encouraging them to question what they are told and examining the evidence base for differing opinions. Curiosity will be actively encouraged so that students engage with the key themes of the past to better understand the present in which they live.