Our music curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to access and engage with music for life. It aims to demystify the subject and show students that music is for everyone. This is exemplified through our trailblazers scheme which allows students to learn a brass or woodwind instrument at a heavily subsidised rate including the free loan of a quality instrument. Alongside this we also offer individual instrumental lessons to allow for a more bespoke experience. Our range of co-curricular groups are designed for all students to get involved and teaches about the importance of playing in an ensemble and the benefits that can bring. 

The curriculum exposes pupils to a wide range of musical styles and genres that they might not ordinarily experience such as Gamelan music in Year 8 and West African music in Year 7.  It encourages them to be involved in active music making through a variety of performing and composing activities both within and outside the classroom. We aim to produce confident and expressive musicians who are able to engage with music in later life in whatever form they wish. 

Within the curriculum pupils have opportunities to perform as soloists, in pairs and in larger ensembles including whole class ensembles. Pupils also have opportunities to compose in pairs and small groups, leading to individual composing in Year 9 and beyond. This is supported through the effective use of ICT and our new Soundtrap software. 

Our Year 7 Winter songs project encourages students to use their voices from an early stage and brings the entire year group together for a performance of this work. It gives an opportunity to showcase music curriculum work to the wider school community. Students are also given performance opportunities such as the joint CST concert where they can perform within a school group and as part of a multi-school large scale performance. Our school musical focuses on bringing together the elements of music and drama to create a multi-disciplinary performance opportunity. 

Through all of these elements the music curriculum aims to foster an interest, understanding and enjoyment of music that will remain with students for life.