For any issue relating to bullying contact:

Assistant Headteacher
Katharine Crocker,
Tel: 01275 373737

St Katherine’s School takes seriously the prevention of, and dealing with incidents of bullying.  The school employs three different strands of procedures to tackle bullying:


We believe in creating a safe environment where students feel safe to share any concerns or fears.  Students are actively encouraged to report any incidents of bullying.  They can do this by contacting a member of staff, or printing and completing a ‘Student Bullying Incident Form’ (below) or emailing  Paper copies of the form are available from Student Support.

Parents who would like to report any incidents of bullying should do so via their child’s Head of Year.

Preventative measures include giving guidance to help prevent bullying through assemblies, tutor time and PSHE lessons, supporting national activities such as Anti-bullying Week and undertaking an annual survey where all students can give their views on how safe they feel in school.


The school will deal with each incident on a case by case basis following an investigation of the incident/s. Interventions will vary from restorative meetings through to formal exclusions.


The school will offer support to the victims of bullying so that they feel confident in school, and also to children who act as bullies so that they can change the way that they behave towards other students. This may involve work with external agencies. In addition, our Heads of Year can offer support for parents whose students are affected by bullying.

Any complaint about how incidents of bullying have been dealt with should in the first instance contact the Assistant Headteacher. If the issue(s) is unresolved contact should then be made with the Headteacher.