We deliver a rich and representative learning experience for all students. We provide a balance of digital literacy and specialist computing knowledge to ensure students are armed with the knowledge for use within the subject, educational environment and wider world. Our carefully sequenced curriculum provides our students with the skills to become digital citizens so that they are able to navigate the digital world to enhance their knowledge and understanding in both academic and everyday life. 

Additionally, the challenge that is built into our curriculum also provides students with the foundations to study computing to further education and beyond. To ensure we provide this thorough and in depth curriculum, we focus on three key themes of study; digital literacy, computational thinking and problem solving and the understanding of computer systems. 

We understand that students at St Katherine’s start with us having a range of experiences, skills and access to computing in KS2. No matter what their prior starting point is, our curriculum is purposefully designed to stretch and challenge all, with support, to achieve their very best outcomes.

We recognise that nationally the cohort that chooses computer science at GSCE is not representative of society and that there is a growing digital divide. The faculty is focused on overcoming this, through equality of provision and representation for all. The KS3 provision gives a basis of knowledge, skills and understanding to allow students to progress to KS4 GCSE. Our approach to creating a more representative and larger GCSE cohort is through promotion of CIEAG and recognising diversity in computing.