Within the faculty it is our aim to create an environment for learners to nurture and develop their interest in entrepreneurship and the role businesses play in our lives. We teach our students the skills and knowledge that will support them throughout their academic learning and careers in an ever changing business environment.

By recognising the diversity and variety of our students we have chosen a KS4 and KS5 curriculum intended to create informed consumers, employees and entrepreneurs. The specifications we have chosen give students the opportunity to be curious learners by exploring real life business issues and contexts.

The curriculum and teaching allows learners to bridge the gap between academic study and the commercial world and at the same time giving them an insight into the world of enterprise. The Business curriculum is planned to develop knowledge and understanding of financial literacy. Pupils have opportunities to develop their financial awareness and to master the skills needed to analyse and interpret financial documents. 

The structure and rigour in the classroom enables students to access and engage with the business environment to promote their academic progress. As a faculty we lead students in a range of varied and engaging social enterprise activities throughout the Key Stages. This ensures that all students within St Katherine’s have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and experiences.

Upon completion of their key stage 4 learning students will be prepared for Post 16 Business where we achieve positive academic outcomes for our students and many find it a gateway to business and management within higher education. As a faculty and school we are proud of the number of students who pursue business based degrees at university and alternate Post 18 pathways.