To provide students with a broad geography curriculum that includes contemporary geographical issues which influence both their own lives and the wider world. Our students will also acquire knowledge and understanding of classic geographical topics, again applied to both their own experience and beyond. We believe that studying both modern and traditional geography will help students to acquire powerful knowledge to better explain the physical and human worlds, open future study pathways and become better global citizens. Our students should experience an increasingly decolonised curriculum to better reflect the diversity of our school community, and so care is given to the places, people and opinions that are taught. Our curriculum will empower students to understand the causes, impacts and responses to change: ensuring the thinking tools of an effective geographer are developed alongside the knowledge and understanding of content.

Students are supported to make progress by knowing and remembering more, applying what they have learned to real world situations. Learning is clearly sequenced through the enquiry approach, with each unit focusing around a key question, which individual lessons build towards. Critical threshold concepts are returned to throughout the curriculum, allowing students to revisit and build upon their schema of knowledge. Confidence with geographical sources is developed through each unit to develop the subject-specific skills important to critical thinking and issue evaluation. We expect our geographers to have enquiring and curious minds, and we have developed our curriculum to harness this and impart a love of knowledge about our world.