In our faculty we aspire to use our collective skills, qualities and experience to provide as many high quality PE and school sport experiences to affect as many young people as possible.

Are they enjoying? Are they active? Are they engaged? Are they progressing?  


Students enjoy our subject the most; it is their favourite lesson & it is better here than other schools

  • We reward success and recognise achievement

  • We give as many students as possible as many memorable experiences as possible

  • We have non-negotiable standards and expectations that promote fun and enjoyment

  • We listen to students and value their feedback for how we can improve our offer and increase enjoyment


Students work hard on our time; we are a practical subject – don’t talk about it, do it!

  • We want students to work hard when working hard is hard work

  • We have a responsibility to teach students about all-round well being

  • We want our students to choose to take part in their own time & beyond school

  • When they leave us, students will have sustainable activity habits


We know our students inside out; we invest time & energy to tailor their experiences

  • Students buy people; we give and get engagement

  • There is a buzz around our lessons where every student is actively involved

  • Students feel part of our faculty, their contributions all play a part, we run a two-way street

  • We teach as a faculty – we try & share ideas, develop & refine our practice


All our students aspire to achieve good outcomes – we are a results business

  • We encourage students to be multi-dimensional, we want all-round sportsmen and sportswomen

  • We support students to take ownership of their progress because it belongs to them!

  • Healthy competition is at the forefront of what we do

  • Success breeds success, role models are integral to progress in our subject