The Faculty

Ms J Jefferson Head of English
Mrs H Weatherson Head of Media Studies
Ms I Wild Second in English
Mrs S Lomax Teacher of English
Mr G Davies Teacher of English
Miss C Hughes Teacher of English
Mr B Court Teacher of English
Ms S McInerney Teacher of English

Aims of the Faculty

We aim for students to achieve excellence; we strive to enrich lives through the use of language and by helping young people to explore their own thoughts and experiences through literature.

We teach students to develop a high level of competence in the use of English and to confidently express themselves orally and in writing. Equally important is the ability to respond critically to the written word in a wide variety of forms, including media texts.

Reading improves imaginations, enables empathy and creates concentration. We want our students to read for pleasure for the rest of their lives.

Language and Literature

Although English Language and English Literature are taught together, students are awarded two GCSE’s – one for each discipline. Students sitting English GCSEs from 2017 onwards will be examined at the end of the two year course and there will be no coursework element for either English Language or English Literature. Grades have been replaced by a new system of numbers; grade 9 will be the highest, down to grade 1.

The Curriculum

KS3 (Years 7/8/9) English and English Literature: Students are taught in mixed ability, broad band sets. In all sets, teaching is tailored to students’ needs and personalised for individuals; our emphasis is on securing the most progress with each learner. Students are also taught how to self and peer assess, self-correct and edit, reflect on achievements and challenges, which enables them to take responsibility for their own learning.

KS4 (Years 10/11) English and English Literature: In Years 10 and 11, students study for two GCSEs – English Language and English Literature. Students study varied and challenging fiction texts alongside assorted poetry and non-fiction.

The English faculty strives to achieve excellence, growth and innovation for our young people; we work together in a culture of collaboration and support.

Accelerated Reader Programme

Students in Years 7 and 8 follow the Accelerated Reader Programme. Please see the attachment below for full details.

How You Can Help Your Child:


Encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes each night. This will help accelerate their progress. Your child should ask the school librarian or their class teacher about recommended books. For the best outcomes, monitor your child’s reading, read a variety of text types together and have regular discussions about what your child is reading for pleasure.

Reading Ideas for KS3
Reading Ideas for KS4

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Use these websites with your child to target specific areas for improvement identified in the teacher’s feedback.



Author visits and workshops, theatre trips and poetry readings, debating and public speaking, creative writing clubs and competitions are just some of the enrichment opportunities that students have the opportunity to engage with.