Drama and Performing Arts

To provide students with a broad drama curriculum which exposes them to a wide range of stimuli based upon social, political and historical contexts. Our students need to experience a curriculum that is decolonised and therefore reflects the diversity within our own school community. Having a shared understanding of people’s backgrounds and life experiences to help develop a sense of empathy and compassion when recreating these moments on stage for an audience; learning to communicate these thoughts and feelings effectively to an audience and in turn, bring change and conversation. The department aims to foster tolerance, understanding and celebration of difference and challenge negative stereotypes. We aim to empower young people to have a voice and be subjective when devising work with the audience at heart. Above all, the drama department is committed to the young children here at St Katherine’s school. Whether that means to simply gain confidence and build relationships to those will achieve excellence looking to pursue a career in the industry.

Our curriculum seeks to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to access and engage with a wide range of theatre and performing arts for life. Looking at theatre and performance from the position of non performers such as directors and lighting and sound technicians to performing roles. Building upon these skills throughout their learning will create a wholesome approach to understanding what it takes to bring a show from page to stage. Creating a theatre maker. It is therefore of the utmost importance within drama to ensure students are prepared for life outside of the classroom. We do this by promoting a range of transferable skills such as organisation, teamwork and collaboration when working on pieces of drama. Leadership opportunities are included within lessons to encourage a sense of purpose and structure. We encourage students to be creative and recreative within performance, enabling them to be reflective in their work through rehearsal and recorded performance. This process aligns with performance options at GCSE and BTEC at KS4 and 5. Overall, we aim to produce independent, confident and resilient students with the willingness to explore and learn creatively in drama.