Winter Card competition 2023

Ms Tallis organised a Winter Card competition and once again we've been awed by both the quality of entries and the creativity of St Katherine's students. House points were awarded to the winners, overall winner was Jaihan Singarda (8T1).

Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to the winners: 

Pankhurst: 1st Lily Spindlove (9P2), 2nd Evie Sell (8P) and 3rd Jasmine Williams-Lee (7P2).

Stephenson: 1st Marla Green (8S1), 2nd Emily Ralph (7S) and 3rd Wren Felton (8S1).

Turing: 1st Jaihan Singarda (8T1), 2nd Eleana Antonio (9T) and 3rd Mallory Keenan (7T). 

Yousafzai: 1st Mya Chambers (7Y2), 2nd Finn Blakeney (7Y2) and joint 3rd Ava Gordon-Nippress (9Y2), Charlie Carkeek (8Y) and Imogen Slee (8Y).

Overall house winner: 1st: Turing, 2nd: Stephenson, 3rd: Yousafzai and 4th: Pankhurst.