Year 9 inspired by the Smallpeice Trust

On February 2nd the Smallpeice Trust ran a STEM workshop for 60 Year 9 students. The Smallpeice Trust is an educational charity that inspires young people to pursue careers in science and engineering through events and workshops.

The workshop gave students the opportunity to practically explore the physics of flight through concepts such as aerodynamics and forces. Students designed and constructed an aeroplane that could travel the furthest distance in the air. The plane was powered by a propeller mechanism and the fuselage was constructed out of balsa wood. The students took part in a full day of hands-on challenges on topics including aerodynamics, incidence angle, forces and wing load calculations.

Congratulations to the winning students Heidi Martineau, Shay Melias, Jasmine Collins and Bella Paddock and our thanks to the Smallpeice Trust for offering such engaging activities to our students.

Miss Gardiner, Careers Leader